Paralyzed By Paint

I have to paint my house by Friday. Why? Because someone at an insurance company somewhere that’s clearly not in Missouri thought that the end of November (with all of its wacky weather and a holiday jammed in to boot) was prime painting time. I suppose to be fair, I should admit that they gave me just a little over two weeks to get this done. It’s only because I went with the second estimate (I really wanted to get three or four estimates) that I was able to get it scheduled and assure my insurance agent that it’s in the works for this Saturday. All that’s really left to do now if pick out three colors. Why is this the hardest part? I’ve looked over approximately 500 colors and still I can’t pick three. The closest I’ve come to picking one is to narrow it down to some shade of blue. At least now I only have 151 shades from which to choose.

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