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Making the connections

Welcoming A New Superfan

Kristine: Portrait of a Superfan

Ladies & gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to FMDY fan, Kristine (although after this post, that may no longer be true). She’s Canadian. She knows her way around Big Pharma. She enjoys playing songs in MMO’s. She’s married to a lumberjack (and he’s ok!). She’s the mother of a dragon. Most importantly, she’s now the newest Royals Superfan. WOOHOO! Welcome to the club, Kristine!

For those who haven’t been following the comments section, we made a bet on the MLB post-season outcome between the Royals and (her former favorite team) the Toronto Blue Jays. The bet would be nullified if neither team progressed past the ALDS and it looked sketchy for a minute. If they met head to head, the bet kicked in. The loser had to buy the winning team’s shirt and take a picture for posting to the interwebs. If that team went on to win the World Series, the loser owed the winner a minimum of $50 (American) worth of craft beer that can’t be obtained in the winner’s area.

Please join me in congratulating her for completing step one of the World Series wager. Not only did she purchase a sharp looking Royals t-shirt, it even appears she went the extra kilometer (damn metrics) and also bought a pretty Royals bow. The more I think of it, the more I wish we’d have added another component – anytime the loser ventured to any sporting event in the following calendar year, they would have to wear the winner’s team shirt. Or, wear the winning team’s shirt when that team came to town. I can only imagine seeing her in the Roger’s Centre explaining to the Jays fans why she’s wearing a Royals shirt. I know she would wear it with pride and grace and would give any trash-throwing hooligans what for if they harassed her in the least. No one messes with the mother of dragon. No one.

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