2015: A Year In Review

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

There are stats and stuff below that may only be interesting to me. You’ve been warned.


The Jetpack plugin I use emailed me some stats for this site that I found interesting. Back in the FMDY 1.0 days, I used to obsess over these stats and would often try to tweak content or posting schedules to build readership. These days, while I still find them interesting, I’m more content with my little slice of internet real estate. If more people who aren’t in my usual circle of friends drop by that’s great, but I’m not going to stress about it. If those same people return, even better.

Speaking of… I owe the folks who continue to return a big thank you. The ones who continue the dialogue I begin deserve an even bigger thank you. People like:


I know more than these five have posted comments here, but Jetpack set the cutoff point, not me. Those not listed above are included in that bigger thank you. If you’re curious about these Jetpack-provided stats, I’ve made them available to the public here.

These stats got me thinking about what Google Analytics has to add to this review. My demographics were a bit surprising.



I am honestly as surprised that my site skews heavier to the 25-34 year old range as the heavier skew towards males. I realize it’s not empirical evidence, but judging from the frequency and number of female commenters (from above), I’d have guessed it was closer to an even split or perhaps an even heavier female skew.

While I’m not surprised that the bulk of my views are coming from the US (2298 sessions), I am surprised that Russia is number two (95 sessions) with Canada (93 sessions) coming in a close third. The infamous “not set” (57 sessions) comes in fourth. Similarly, I’m not surprised that within the US, MO & KS hold the top two visitor locations. The rest were interesting:


I need to speak with someone who’s Google Certified to find out why I have captured data with no designation. The nerd in me gets a kick out of looking at those session stats and wondering what’s happening in my readers’ lives that causes such large swings in things like the bounce rate, pages/session, and avg. session duration.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here whether it’s your first time or 100th. Thanks to everyone who dropped by in 2015 and here’s to building an even better 2016!

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