America’s Gun Glamorization

Girls with Guns

This is how a significant portion of America views guns. Sleek. Sexy. A seductive whisper of a threat of danger.


In recent years, this is the result of guns. Explosive. Bloody. Very real and very deadly.

No, this is not a Tommy Shaw video and before you think this is a ban all guns post, allow me to clarify. I’ve long been an advocate of responsible gun ownership and stronger restrictions on background checks. I grew up with a healthy respect for the destruction a gun can do and still enjoyed the ability to shoot at targets to hone my accuracy or hunt for food when it was necessary to feed my family (another story for another day). The rash of gun violence lately proves that America screams for stronger restrictions on guns.


Above is a map of all mass shootings in 2015. The criteria they use for a mass shooting is “incidents when at least four people are killed or wounded, including the gunman.” My first question is, if we bisected the country, why is the right side so demonstrably larger than the left? My second (and much larger) question is “why is America okay with this?” I don’t mean with the balance of left versus right, I mean with the amount of gun violence in this country?

Growing up, my dad used to quote the following to me ad nauseam:

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

In light of all the recent mass shootings, would you agree? The contrary quote is:

Guns don’t kill people, bullets do.

Yes, it’s an oversimplification of the issue. We get it, guns or bullets on their own don’t kill people. It’s the combination of guns, bullets, and people that bring this deadly concoction into sharp focus. Back on point, why does America seem okay with this? When the topic is broached, it seems an immediate reactionary response occurs like, “you can pry my guns from my cold, dead hands.” What if we, as a country, decided that 355 shootings in 337 days is intolerable? What could we accomplish then?

(Hat tip to “cool chick” Lara for suggesting this topic)

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