Arizona Treats

AZ Treats

Friends Gary and Shannon sent me a care package from the state of Arizona. Similar to my previous treats from Canada and Oregon, this was another beer share experience as I had previously sent them a care package of tasty treats. In case you can’t tell from the picture I received (from left to right):

Prescott Brewing Company – Achocolypse Chocolate Porter

Lumberyard Brewing Co. – Flagstaff IPA

The Grand Canyon Brewing Company – American Pilsner

Indian Wells Brewing Co. – Whiskey Barrel Brew

Four Peaks Brewery – 8th Street Pale Ale

Four Peaks Brewing Company – Hop Knot

Santa Fe Brewing – Imperial Java Stout

Although I’ve enjoyed the Imperial Java Stout many times (it’s available in this state), the remaining ones I’ve never tried. I’m excited to get to try them all, but the one that intrigues me the most is the Whiskey Barrel Brew. I’ve been on a big barrel kick lately and particularly enjoy the whiskey, bourbon, port, or wine barrel-aged beers. Before you launch into an explanation that all bourbon is whiskey, I know. I’m differentiating them because the brewers do.

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