Continuing The Pride/Shame


Recall that holiday decoration contest I mentioned a few posts ago? Yeah, I added more to it over the past couple of lunch breaks. This one is placed to the right of the fireplace scene I considered taking in a darker direction. Obviously, I decided against that. Hopefully the window markers that loyal reader, K, loaned me will help make Max look a little better.


I’m hoping the brown & yellow markers will help this one out as well. After trying to draw Snoopy, Max, and Rudolph, I have a newfound respect for anyone who can draw animals. I’m much happier with how Charlie Brown and Hermey turned out than I am any of the animals. I’m just okay with how the Grinch turned out. Regardless, it was a fun little project and hopefully the attempt at art (rather than just hanging a stocking or a couple ornaments) is worth a win. If so, then I’ll thank my niece and cousin for some of their talent rubbing off on me.

UPDATE: All this time & effort was good for second place in our competition. Next year I will save myself that energy and will just hang stuff up in my cube.

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