Galesburg Game Night

Barb BednarcikWho cares about Hollywood? Who needs Jane Lynch? We have “Emmy Award-winning” (the phrase she spelled to win the LT Stone Spelling Bee in Second Grade) host Barb Bednarcik. Tonight’s contestants are Peter Calderone (Sr.) and Curt Good. Joining them are local stars of (back) stage: Kay Wilson & Rebecca Good, Spirit Award winner & cheer camp enthusiast Kelly Calderone, acclaimed film scorer Domenic Calderone, award-winning director Margie Calderone, and award-winning director and performer Pete Calderone.

Names will burst. Baulders will be dashed. Minds will be Boggled. Questions will be loaded. Trivia will be pursued. There will be music! There will be singing! There will be laughter! Tonight, on Galesburg Game Night. The things we do for my mom’s birthday (my brother’s too, but he decided to head home early and miss out on all the fun).

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