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Making the connections
Making the connections

London/Not London

If you didn’t know any better, you might look at that these photos and think this was a game played at Wembley Stadium. Or, you might believe this is a setting worthy of a modern day Jack the Ripper as he hunts and eviscerates some English strumpet. It’s not, though, it’s Arrowhead Stadium here in Kansas City and the only death taking place was the notion of a San Diego Chargers’ win. Truth be told, while the day was rainy and dreary, it wasn’t as bad as these photos make it seem. This was the smoke that lingered ten or more minutes past the post-game fireworks. I really wanted to capture the scene at its most ominous, but it would’ve just been images of smoke as the field and remaining stadium were almost entirely blotted out.

This was my first trip back to Arrowhead since before they completed stadium renovations in 2010. I used to go to at least one game a year, but ticket costs and personal finances made that extremely difficult over the past six or seven years. Fortunately, during some of those years, my dad had a boss who was routinely late on paying him his commission, so he got tickets instead and would bring my mom down to see a game – usually in December when mom’s “candy making season” was done or near complete. I believe the last game we all attended was another early December one against the Chargers, but this time is was well below freezing out and the stadium was covered in ice. This game was in the 60’s with constant rain. Welcome to Kansas City.

While I’m thinking about the Chiefs, it might be a good time to reflect back to my predictions on the season. If the Chiefs can take care of the remaining teams on their schedule (Ravens, 4-9; Browns, 3-10; and Raiders, 6-7), that will make them 11-5. Pete’s season prediction, spot on. However, Pete’s game-by-game prediction, not very close. To be fair, no one predicted Jamaal Charles getting injured and them suffering a five game losing skid.

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