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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Baroness

Thanks for tuning in again to another Music Monday. This week you’re getting a 3-song teaser of Purple, the  new album from Georgia heavy metal band, Baroness. I’m not sure why, but harder edged music has been all up in my bid’ness lately. I had a couple choices for groups to feature and this album immediately smacked me in the face and said, “Forget those other bands, you’re selecting this one.” Shock Me and Chlorine & Wine are two of my favorites off the album, but not by much. If you have Amazon Prime, Spotify, or FruitTunes, you can check out the album in its entirety. Or, if you’d like a mix of this album and their older stuff, you can check out their 9-song sampler on SoundCloud. It includes Take My Bones Away from their Green/Yellow double album which is also one of my faves.

This album reminds me of my time in Rock Island, IL and the adventure that was seeing bands at the Yankee Clipper. The only difference is this band blows away anything you could’ve seen at the Clipper. I don’t mean that there weren’t some great bands that played there. The Clipper was simply notorious for its coin-flip mix quality. One night might have the most professional mix you could hope for, others you wondered if the board op knew what reverb was. Oh, and it was a disgusting place to watch a show with the ever-present scents of stale beer, urine, and often vomit. Still, that was sometimes part of its charm as a gritty hard rock bar.

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