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Making the connections

Music Mondays: SECRETS

Oh, hi there! Welcome back to another Music Monday. This week we’ll be checking out SECRETS‘ third and latest offering, Everything That Got Us Here. For those new to the band, they’re dubbed as post-hardcore which, briefly, means the genre is a derivative of the hardcore punk scene and not metal as I’d originally assumed. The first and last songs (on the album, not the way they arranged the videos) don’t necessarily fit either genre as Intro is a very clean (almost auto-tune-ish) a cappella song while The One With No One is an acoustic guitar ballad. The rest of the album jumps between clean and unclean vocals (apparently, it’s the new way of saying there’s screaming). For my taste, I could do without as much of the unclean vocals, but just when I feel I don’t want to listen to it any more, either they change the vocal styles or the music breaks it up.

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