My Niece & Cousin Would Be So Proud/Ashamed

At work we have a Christmas “Decorate your cube” competition occurring. Given the fact that I’ve been in an incredibly non-Christmas mood lately, this competition left me indifferent. I wasn’t the only one considering the most anyone has really done is hang a stocking on their coat hook. The whole office must feel as I do and that’s a sad state. Maybe I’m bringing folks down or maybe everyone else is dealing with their own lives, I don’t know. On the off chance it’s me bringing people down, I decided to change things up and resurrect some old office traditions.

By now, most people are aware of Festivus and the airing of grievances. Since we no longer have the aluminum pole, nor the wall of grievances, I improvised with the Festivus Cubicle of Grievances. In accordance with newer traditions, I also created the Cubicle of Complimentary Compliments. Coworkers are invited to either compliment someone or air a grievance. It’s been met with mixed reactions as people aren’t sure how they should respond. Fine, I opted to do something else.

Most of the office uses dry erase markers to write on the glass of their cubicles with notes, reminders, accounting numbers, or just a game of hangman. So, I took it a step further and used the glass to decorate my cube. Let’s make one thing abundantly clear. I’m not the artist in the family. Both my niece and cousin are accomplished artists and have produced their own paintings, sculptures, and even comic books. My niece illustrated my first self-published short story. My cousin wrote and drew his own comic strip which he self-published. They both do excellent work. I’m barely able to elevate above stick figure art, but I gave it my best shot with the dry erase markers. So, over the past couple of lunches, here are the fruits of my efforts:


I had to put paper behind all the drawings in order to get them to show on camera.


This one might need a little more and, just to spice it up a bit, I might take it in a darker direction.


Hmmm, what was I listening to today? Yes, I realize Charlie Brown’s hat is too high and Snoopy’s nose & belly are larger than they should be, but I chalk that last bit up to him already over-indulging this holiday season. The one thing I came away with in all of this was a wish for a brown, yellow, and white marker to complete the colorization (without the need for the paper backdrop). Oh well, it put me more in the holiday spirit, so I’m okay with it.

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