Vertical Bears!


Here’s what you’re seeing from left to right: Ursa Major 2010-2012 in bottles, the next three tulip glasses contain Ursa Major 2013-2015. The taster glasses all contain samples of the 2010-2012 bottled releases. The glass to the left of the bottles is the Green-eyed Monster 2015 edition (in chartreuse-aged oak). The chartreuse liqueur boasts an aging in 130 different herbs, plants, and flowers. This explains why my tastebuds were so confused by all the flavors (although my nose was seriously confused by the scent of Noxema). Regardless, it still tasted good. For whatever reason, the 2010 (bottled under purportedly suspect conditions) had aged far better than its 2011 & 2012 counterparts which had an oxidized or metallic taste.

Tonight was the first Brain Trust event in months and it coincided with the release of the 2015 Ursa Major that was aged in rye whiskey barrels. We were also pleased to join with the Helles Angels contingent who showed up. What a terrific night in the company of beer enthusiasts!

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