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Best-Worst 2016 5 comments
In four days, to many people’s delight, this year will end. So let’s do a Best-Worst of 2016. The Best of 2016 (In no particular order) At work: I assumed more of a leadership role within our group. While I’m not the team lead, I’ve become the person my manager and team lead turn […]

Best-Worst Of 2016

Uranium Club 3 comments
Uranium Club: All Of Them Naturals For 2016’s final Music Monday, we’re listening to Uranium Club’s All of Them Naturals. The internet doesn’t know much about this band other than they’re also called The Minneapolis Uranium Club. The band formed in 2014 and All of Them Naturals is their second full-length album. At least […]

Music Mondays: Uranium Club

Parents House Not Quite Galesburg 1 comment
For anyone interested, I’m back in Galesburg. Sort of. For kicks, I went to Where Am I Now to get the pic above. It’s a fairly accurate representation considering it’s only about 30 feet west of where I’m writing this post. I hadn’t realized it before, but the overhead view makes […]

Galesburg 2: Electric ‘Burgaloo

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Skating The recent snowfall made tracking Brian and Connie child’s play. Anyone could tell the difference between the teens’ tracks and the shuffle of the dead. They had left Alexandria without warning so Darryl volunteered to bring them back. Step, step, step… step… shuffle, step, step, shuffle – their footsteps reminded him of Morse code. These […]


The best laid plans… With weather conditions turning icy and treacherous and some odd health issues cropping up, I found myself at home earlier than I expected. I wasn’t too upset by this because that meant I could knock out another flash fiction holiday writing experiment post. The moment I sat down and […]

An Unexpected Night Off