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Making the connections
Making the connections

Epilogue: David Bowie

I know that many of you are probably tired of reading about David Bowie, but I haven’t completed processing his passing yet. As such, there are many others who have shared my feelings. Please take a look below and see how he has impacted the lives of others.

This is a side of him that so few got to see. I was watching A Reality Tour with loyal FMDY fan, K, last night and reveling in the musical aptitude of his shows and decided to plumb further into his YouTube performances. It’s enormously gratifying to know that a David Bowie Lullabye was a conceivable possibility considering I was writing a Monkeys With Hand Grenades sketch about that very same circumstance.

With the late night circuit, more accolades and fond wishes were proffered in sadness. For example:


From an earlier episode…

From a show in Germany…

It’s all been so humanizing. Not to say that Bowie wasn’t human, but rather to illustrate that he was still a person through all the accolades. More importantly, I hope that Bowie’s influence isn’t lost on the current crop of musicians. From various sources like Madonna and Kristeen Young (below), I doubt that will be the case.

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