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Making the connections
Making the connections

Music Mondays: Villagers

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Music Mondays. Today we’re going to take a look at one of Dublin’s indie folk bands, Villagers, and their recent release entitled Where Have You Been All My Life? When not listening to Blackstar over the weekend, I’ve been shocking my musical sensibilities with this much softer, more subdued selection of tracks. The instrumentation is smoothly layered like creamy peanut butter over nutella with honeyed vocals drizzled atop. I initially came across this album because I had a song stuck in my head last Friday – Glen Campbell’s Wichita Lineman. While searching for my favorite cover of it by another Irish band called Ghost of an American Airman, I came across the Villagers’ version and realized they’d just released the aforementioned album. Hello coincidence.


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