The Truth Is Still Out There


The X-Files is back! It may only be for six episodes, but it’s back. For nine years I watched, recorded, and ultimately bought this series on VHS (and then DVD) to watch over and over again. There were a few people at the time who were as fanatical about the show as I was. I need to find these people again. I need to discuss current content in a historical context. This isn’t to say that someone who’s never seen the show can’t enjoy what transpires. It’s just so much more deliciously rich when you have more understanding.

For example, the first episode of this “season” was a fine re-introduction to the characters and the premise of the show. It showed you where the show came from and where it is now – where the characters are now (which hearkens back to the past). Sure, in the original series run, there were zany one-off episodes where the bizarre met the comical. Where the show really lived, though, was in the alien conspiracy story arcs. The second episode was a touching nod to that as it addressed the William story-line. For those who never watched that part of the series, William is Mulder & Scully’s baby. It was incredibly gratifying to see that story brought back and allowed to be addressed in an honest way in the current context. I can’t wait to see where they take the remaining episodes.

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