World Series Treats

World Series Treats

My winnings from (former Blue Jays fan) new Royals Superfan, Kristine, finally arrived late last week. She went above & beyond the agreed upon cost for the bet, so I’ve forgiven her tardiness in paying up. Quite big of me, huh? Here’s what you’re looking at:

Bellwoods Brewery – Boogie Monster

Bush Pilot Brewing – Pengo Pally

Bellwoods Brewery’s – Hellwoods

Great Lakes Brewery – The Imperial Bout (unfortunately, there’s nothing on the brewery’s site about this beer)

Microbrasserie Brewing – Wee Heavy Bourbon (no direct link, it’s in the middle of the selections)

Hopfenstark – Saison Station 7

Epic Brewing – Epicurean Coffee & Fig

Brasseurs du Monde Gamme Passion L’Infusée, sadly, didn’t make the trip in one piece. This was one of the beers I was really curious about because it’s listed as a three-tea white beer. Intriguing, no?

So far I’ve really enjoyed the Boogie Monster, Pengo Pally, Hellwoods, and Wee Heavy Bourbon. The styles of these selections were: Double IPA, Saison (with Arctic herbs), Imperial Stout, and Scotch Ale (aged in bourbon barrels) respectively. All were outstanding and certainly worth the glass shards in my finger. The Epicurean Coffee & Fig (an oatmeal stout) was good, but it was difficult to discern either of the coffee or fig flavors. The Hopfenstark Saison, I am assuming, was off. This Saison had definite herbal flavors (supposedly when herbs are needed, the brewer just walks out to the garden and picks them), but was very dry like some of the over-the-top hoppy beers. I’m curious what notes would be present if it came straight from the keg. I need a trip to Toronto. For science!

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