A Future Without Destiny

endless destiny

Over the past several years I’ve had a recurring conversation with family and friends and, in each instance, it’s been met with incredulity. Here’s a quick paraphrase of the conversation:

Friend/family member: “I’m so happy/sad/frustrated with [insert event here], it seems I’m destined for this.”

Me: “I don’t believe in destiny.”

Friend/family member: “Whaaaaaat?”

It happened again today. I realize for some the concept of destiny is romantic or comforting. For me, however, the belief in destiny absolves individuals of personal responsibility. Why take responsibility for your actions or for the condition of your life when you can simply chalk it up to destiny? According to that logic, you can’t be held responsible because you were already pre-ordained to do it. Sure, it’s great to believe winning the lottery or finding that perfect someone was destiny, but it doesn’t work so well when it comes to situations where you cheat on your significant other or hit and kill someone with your car.

Given the way Destiny’s book works, if I don’t believe in “him”, does that mean that he dissolves into the ether with his book of future events? Am I unwittingly dooming the future of all?

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