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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Ra Ra Riot

Welcome back to another Musical Monday and another new release. This week I’d like to feature Ra Ra Riot‘s latest album, Need Your Light. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t keep up with all the music coming out over the past couple years. As hard as I try, new bands and new albums just slip below my radar. Sometimes they land dead center of my radar, but fall off for various reasons. Ra Ra Riot is one of those bands.

Back during 2009/2010, they got my attention with a song featured in Chuck Season 2, entitled Can You Tell. To be fair, during the first three seasons of the show, most bands were grabbing my attention because I was going through a particularly painful stretch and music was my safe harbor. Anyway, astute music fans may recall RRR’s The Rhumb Line came out in 2008 as did Chuck Season 2. Yeah, I was still on DVD/Blue-ray time then, so I was getting into a lot of things a year late. Better late then never, right?

Since resurrecting this site and doing music posts each Monday, I’ve really enjoyed finding new bands as well as digging into their history. Had Need Your Light not been released, I probably wouldn’t have learned that they once recorded in a place called Futureappletree Studio 1 back in my old stomping grounds of Rock Island, IL. Small world.

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