Random Acts Of… Oh Crap, I Missed It!


By the title, you’ve all discovered that I’m late to this. I knew Random Acts of Kindness Day was coming up (here in the US), but, with my work travels, it completely slipped my mind until the flight home tonight. Thanks to no in-flight WiFi (hooray first world problems!), I was reading Southwest The Magazine and came across the letters to the company praising all the staff who went above & beyond to make some traveller’s day extraordinarily memorable. There was the “Ah HA!” Well, it was that way until I got home and looked up the date to realize my mistake. Cue the “Oh, crap!”

It doesn’t really matter since this is something that can be practiced any day. So I will put my plan in motion this upcoming Monday. Raise your hand if you’ve ever flown for work or vacation. Let’s see… 1, 2, 3… okay 7 of you. If you’ve ever flown Southwest, you’re familiar with their seating process. If not, it goes A group, boarding passes 1-30, then 31-60. The same follows for B group then C group. Unless the flight isn’t full, the latter part of B group and all of C group are the lucky middle seat recipients. That was my lot this past work trip because I was too late to pay Southwest’s extortion Early Bird fee. The level of suck in getting stuck in the middle seat is off the charts unless you’re supermodel thin. I’m not a big man and I detest it – white-hot intensity of 1000 suns detestation – so I can’t imagine where the scale goes for my larger friends who suffer this dilemma. I digress.

Monday I will pay the $30 for the gate attendant to pick 3 random C group passengers – either at that gate or another, that flight or another, that day or the next – and upgrade them to an A group, 1-15 boarding pass. These acts should be anonymous, but I’m betting that unless one of you loyal readers is travelling on Southwest next Monday or Tuesday, I’m in the clear. If one of you is flying Southwest and get this upgrade, you’re welcome.

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