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Making the connections
Making the connections

Shit Towne, Strange Symmetry

The Weavers live up the street from me.

Today held a surprising flash of deja vu.

Back in 1994, a strange symmetry occurred between me and the band Live. They were writing and releasing Throwing Copper and I was moving to Kansas City. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized how much deeper the connection ran. Enter Shit Towne (sorry for some of the language if you’re listening mom).

Here was a song that exemplified my feelings for getting far away from my hometown because I was experiencing a sense of wanting so much more for myself. I should backtrack a little. Growing up, my family spent several years traversing between my hometown of Galesburg, IL and the Kansas City metro area. The KC area always represented more for me than my hometown or surrounding areas could ever offer. When family members (or even friends who were ready for a change) struggled there, I was always stupified why they wouldn’t leave such a detrimental place. Incomprehensible.

Flash forward to the late ’90s and I’m listening to Live and realizing the Weavers (Joel & Ashley) truly live up the street from me. It brought back so many memories. Like Live, I realized my hometown was a place to never visit. If it weren’t for my family or a few friends (and you know who you are), I would never go back there again. As glad as I am to be away from that “Shit Towne”, it still saddens me that the town doesn’t even seem to be trying to improve or those family & friends aren’t wanting to leave. I know, I know, I can’t want it more than they do.

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