A Need For Water

Does this ever happen to you? There are periods of need throughout my life. I’m speaking of a pull. An allure. A deep-seeded desire to immerse myself in something. This isn’t a general something, it’s a something much larger than the concept of me. It’s a need to connect to something more primal.

I yearn for water. I don’t mean a creek, a stream, or a tributary. I need to be near a river (something faster moving than the lethargic Missouri river), a large lake, a sea, a loch, or an ocean. I need a connection to a much more powerful force. Something ever-moving. Something timeless. Something to tie the 60% of my body to the 71% of the Earth.

What drives this disconnect? I couldn’t speculate with any certainty. I simply know that I won’t feel complete until I can stand, sit, or somehow immerse in one of these bodies of water.

milford sound pic

Must. Have. Water.

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