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Making the connections

Just Say No… To Saint Louis

Anti-CardsIn a move of unprecedented absurdity (yes, I realize that’s a sliding scale) , Missouri House of Representatives’ Courtney Allen Curtis has proposed a bill to make the St. Louis Cardinals Missouri’s official baseball team. Let’s get the sports take out of the way first. If there are two teams in the state, I doubt you’ll get a consensus to crown one the “official” team of the state. Secondly, while the Cards have been to the World Series more times than the Royals, I’ll defer to the statute of What Have You Done For Me Lately. With all due respect Mr. Curtis, just stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Stop wasting the TAX PAYER’S time with this nonsense. Surely there are bigger issues in the St. Louis metropolitan area that demand more of your attention. Surely there are more human rights issues you can address. If not, have you looked at the St. Louis Rams recently?

In the Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Courtney Allen Curtis category, he introduced:

HB 2830 – Authorizes an earnings tax for St. Louis County


HCR95 – Urges the City of St. Louis to develop a strategy to wean itself off the earnings tax and a plan to invest in North City

I don’t have the time or energy to detail the rest of his policies, so you can find them here or, perhaps as scandalously, here. May I remind you, Mr. Courtney Allen Curtis, you’re an elected official?

I’m sorry if you like St. Louis, but it’s been a slowly declining city since my childhood and, in my opinion, the only good thing to come from that cesspool of a city is the Weaver family.

Just say NO to the Cardinals and elect someone to replace the time & money waster in Missouri, Mr. Courtney Allen Curtis.

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