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Making the connections
Making the connections

Lasting Imagery: Flesh, Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream

Grimes’ album Art Angels came out November 6, 2015 and the imagery in this video has been buried inside my subconscious ever since. I’m not sure if there’s a single character that elicits a stronger reaction than another or if it’s a gestalt. There’s something intriguing about the violence of an angel that flies (no pun intended) contrary to the popular belief of that creature’s behavior. The contacts add to the creep factor of the angel, but it makes me wonder if it was a conscious choice/artistic decision to remove just one later in the video. Of course, that leads into the disemboweled Marie Antoinette character and the initial care-free attitude versus the blood-smeared aftermath.

I’ve seen an interview with Grimes – AKA Claire  (it’s a family name) Boucher – where she describes each character as the same person at different points in time. If that’s the case, I have to admit I don’t understand how the gamer girl and gangster (?) character fit into the timeline. What I do know is for whatever reason this song has burrowed into my brain and it hasn’t released its grip since I first heard it. For me there’s something about the repetitive beat that lulls me into comfortability. The random odd bits of electronic noise help to keep it from reaching monotony. The second portion of the video (Life In The Vivid Dream) is a completely different song on the album, but the way it’s used in this video seems to fit perfectly. The opening guitar is so familiar – perhaps’s like  Third Eye Blind’s Motorcycle Drive By? I’m still trying to place it. I find it fascinating how a song or a video can achieve this sort of hold over someone’s mind.

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