Music Mondays: Brian Fallon

Oh, hi there! I didn’t see you sneak into this Music Monday post. This week we’re taking a listen to Brian Fallon’s newest album, Painkillers. If the name Brian Fallon doesn’t ring any bells with you, perhaps you know him from some of his other work with such bands as Molly and the Zombies, The Horrible Crowes, or a little group called The Gaslight Anthem. If you’re not familiar with any of those bands, then congratulations, you now have plenty of new music go all Magellan on. Two of my particular favorites from The Gaslight Anthem are their albums The ’59 Sound and American SlangPainkillers follows in their musical footsteps, but with a slightly softer footfall.

These albums are a slice of Americana. Perhaps that’s because he grew up in Red Bank, NJ in the 80’s or perhaps it’s because his mom was in a folk band in the 60s or maybe it’s a combination of all of that and more. This album doesn’t have some of the hands-pounding-out-the-time-on-the-steering-wheel songs as those earlier albums (okay, maybe a little bit with the song A Wonderful Life), but what it does have is heart, nostalgia, whimsy, and that early-Spring joie de vivre.

The fact that these tracks didn’t fit the direction of The Gaslight Anthem’s last album, Get Hurt, doesn’t bother me a bit. They exist now and I’m really enjoying this album.

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