Music Mondays: Face to Face

It’s Monday and you know what that means around here… the weekend’s dead and gone and the work week is here. Sadface. Fortunately, we have some new tunes to get us through the week! Today we’re taking a listen to the latest album by Face to FaceProtection. Well, we’re only getting two songs off the album because The Tube isn’t ready for this punk offering. After listening and relistening (and relistening) to Double Crossed, something seemed so familiar and I couldn’t quite place it. The mid-90s is where my musical knowledge hits a bit of a blackhole yet I still felt like I knew this band. I started off looking at my collection, but still nothing was jarring my memory so I had to cheat and use The Googles. There was the DUH! staring me in the face.

Although this band was featured in the movie Tank Girl (which I never watched), it was the genealogy I knew. Members of this band also performed in Legion of Doom, The Offspring, Saves the Day, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Ok, the musical world was making sense once again. Tomorrow, when I’m staring at the screen and fighting the yawn parade, I will be turning these tracks on. Who’s with me?

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