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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Soul Asylum

Welcome back to the two to four of you who are actually checking out these Music Monday posts. I thank you for your continued readership and listenership. This week we’re hopping back in the time machine to visit the early 90s. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s a very good thing as we find Soul Asylum and their newest release, Change of Fortune. Okay, so this album dropped 03/18/16, it’s reminiscent of Soul Asylum prior to Let Your Dim Light Shine. I will be fair to the band and say that after that album I pretty much checked out on their music. Something just seemed to be missing and I couldn’t actually name a song from any of their albums until now.

Please forgive the crappy YouTube compression that castrates some of the strength from this album, but it’s the best album version I could find to share with the two to four of you. It seemed more important to find something where you could experience more than just a title track (speaking of, track 11 is the title track, Change of Fortune, not a reprise of Morgan’s Dog). Listening to this album puts me back to my RIBCO bartending days where I got to see some terrific bands play to some not-so-terrific crowds. That didn’t seem to bother these bands either as they appreciated the few who showed up to hear them play. We were typically rewarded with a special performance.

EDIT: It figures. Shortly after I posted this, I found the playlist I was listening to last weekend. So, you can ignore the compression statement.

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