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Making the connections
Making the connections


There was some sort of synchronicity this afternoon as our work network was spontaneously getting upgraded and I was forced to either head home or sit in the office and wait to connect again at some undefined time. So, I headed home in 60+ degree weather with the sun roof open and the Royals first Spring Training game against the Rangers on the radio. It was almost like I was in the stadium watching the game. Upon arriving at home, it was so nice that I fired up the grill for some jalapeno and pineapple brats. What a terrific start to Spring. Yes, I realize the season doesn’t start for almost 3 weeks still, but all the signs were present, so why not indulge? It didn’t really matter to me as I was checking back in with my favorite World Championship-winning baseball team.

Okay, so the Royals didn’t win their first Spring Training game today. Who cares? Jarrod Dyson is hurt and may miss two weeks. Who cares? It’s all Spring Training. The most important word in that last sentence is Spring. Time for renewal. Time for a rebirth. Time for everything that Spring represents to – please pardon the cliche – spring eternal. I have this to comfort me from this Spring through the Fall into playoff baseball where I hope my favorite “Boys in Blue” are competing once more.

I defy you Royals fans to tell me you can watch that and not be fired up for the upcoming Royals regular, and hopefully post, season.

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