Be The Office Daryl Dixon

Let’s face it. Whether you work in an office or a tedious, repetitive job, you’re likely surrounded by those brainless corporate or industrial zombies. You dread each encounter as the same mindless drivel drips from their lips like Section 8 plumbing. What if you went all Daryl Dixon on them?

You can now combat those work zombies with a crossbow made from a few paint sticks, a rubber band or string, a couple bamboo skewers, a drinking straw, a clothespin (optional), and a little glue. You will also need a drill (or a way to make some holes) and a utility knife to make the cuts in the wood. Screw MacGyver, you’re Daryl Dixon.

Here’s how you can put it all together – Construct a Fun, Powerful, Rubber Band Crossbow.

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