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Humanity is jaded. As mass media consuming animals, we’re jaded. I’m casting no aspersions for I am just as guilty as everyone else. I was just looking through some site stats and was shocked to see how many clicks went to the links I’ve posted. In the last week, zero. That’s fine, I’ve been away and there haven’t been many posts (and therefor, links). In the last month, though, there were four clicks. Two on the Iggy Pop Post Post Depression link, one on the XKCD “Click and Drag” link, and one on someone’s personal Facebook profile link.

Over the past quarter, there have been 23 clicks. I’m left to ponder the nature of our browsing tendencies. Is the main reason people don’t click on links because they don’t have time? Or is it because the link holds no interest? Is it a fear of malicious software from a redirected link? Something as innocuous as being Rick-rolled? Do people (other than me) still hover over links to see if the site looks legitimate? Is it a trust issue with a site? In other words, are you, as mass media consumers, more apt to click on things from a Twitter feed or Facebook post rather than an individual site?

On an interesting (to me at least) side note, I would probably be intimately aware of this information had I gotten this ad agency job I applied and interviewed for last fall. They were insistent that everyone became Google Analytics certified within a year. Thankfully, I dodged that bullet (a story for another time). I never did hear from anyone at the business that they were moving on from me, let alone why, so perhaps that was a bullet that anyone might have dodged. Whatever the case, I’m curious what makes my readers click or not click on the provided links. No time? Not interesting enough? Something else? The comment section awaits your input.

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26 thoughts on “Four And Twenty-three Clicks Out

    • pcalderone

      That’s fair. I know all my readers don’t share the same interests. I’m guessing your clicks were some of the more science-related links rather than any of the music-related ones. I’m betting your dad might be the exact opposite if he ever came to the site. Then again, maybe not since there aren’t a lot of Sting, U2, or Springsteen posts. Who knows, perhaps he does visit, but the posts aren’t interesting enough for him to chime in. Regardless, thanks for your input. Now, if it’s not finished, go study.

  • Craig

    It depends on the link. If it is for a YouTube video and I’m not on wifi I’m not going to click on it, too much data usage. I think I read your posts on cellular most of the time.

  • K

    I generally consider links to be “supporting evidence”. I don’t click because I don’t feel like they’re going to add much to what you’ve already said.

    It’s also because you post so damn late at night that I’m reading at 6:30am and don’t have a lot of time to go internet spelunking.

    • pcalderone

      Duly noted, K. Sometimes they’re supporting links and sometimes they’re fun tangents. Sorry the posts are so late for you.

      • K

        Eh, it’s my own problem. If only I could wait until later in the day to read your blog!! I see the post notification and just have to click the….link. 😉

  • Paul

    Click apathy. I usually read whatever summary shows up in the feed and then move on. I think it’s almost like looking at the email inbox and wanting to run away. So many clicks, so little time.

    • pcalderone

      Holy crap! Paul “The Admiral” Hess? (speaks into watch) Paul, this is Pete, are you reading me? Great to see you’re visiting my site and thanks for the input.

  • TōB

    Man, you whine a lot. Nobody comments on my posts. Nobody clicks on my links. Nobody answers my texts.

    But really, come on. You’re not breaking news. When you post a link to a primary source, chances are I’ve already seen it if it’s something I care about, otherwise, well, that’s self-explanatory.

    Keep on linkin’!

    • pcalderone

      Okay, I didn’t realize it was coming off as whiny. I’ll work on that.

      Yeah, I never claim to be at the forefront of the news and, in fact, I’m often late to the game. That being said, these posts/links/etc. are for others who may also be behind. For example, last night I wished a coworker who’s very knowledgeable about beer a Happy National Beer Day. Her response, “NPR has failed me – I didn’t even know.”

      Re: clicking links, my own experience has taught me that my own experience isn’t necessarily representative of others. So I thought I’d ask.

      Regardless, thanks for your input and let’s coordinate a time to get you your rum. Yes, it’s still untouched in the box.

  • TōB

    Oh, another thing. I sub via RSS through Feedly, so I only click through to your actual site if I want to post a comment. So it’s entirely likely that if I do click a link, you don’t see the evidence.

    • pcalderone

      Curiously, I used to see traffic from Feedly show up in the stats. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything though.