Four And Twenty-three Clicks Out

Humanity is jaded. As mass media consuming animals, we’re jaded. I’m casting no aspersions for I am just as guilty as everyone else. I was just looking through some site stats and was shocked to see how many clicks went to the links I’ve posted. In the last week, zero. That’s fine, I’ve been away and there haven’t been many posts (and therefor, links). In the last month, though, there were four clicks. Two on the Iggy Pop Post Post Depression link, one on the XKCD “Click and Drag” link, and one on someone’s personal Facebook profile link.

Over the past quarter, there have been 23 clicks. I’m left to ponder the nature of our browsing tendencies. Is the main reason people don’t click on links because they don’t have time? Or is it because the link holds no interest? Is it a fear of malicious software from a redirected link? Something as innocuous as being Rick-rolled? Do people (other than me) still hover over links to see if the site looks legitimate? Is it a trust issue with a site? In other words, are you, as mass media consumers, more apt to click on things from a Twitter feed or Facebook post rather than an individual site?

On an interesting (to me at least) side note, I would probably be intimately aware of this information had I gotten this ad agency job I applied and interviewed for last fall. They were insistent that everyone became Google Analytics certified within a year. Thankfully, I dodged that bullet (a story for another time). I never did hear from anyone at the business that they were moving on from me, let alone why, so perhaps that was a bullet that anyone might have dodged. Whatever the case, I’m curious what makes my readers click or not click on the provided links. No time? Not interesting enough? Something else? The comment section awaits your input.

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