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Music Mondays: Fanfare Ciocărlia

Welcome back, one and all, to another Music Monday post. I hope you have a bib handy because this week we have something a little more exotic for your musical taste buds. This week we’re feasting on the “Old World” flavors of Fanfare Ciocărlia (AKA Fanfara Ciocărlia) and their latest offering, Onwards to Mars! What makes them Old World? They’re a Romani Balkan Brass band from a village called Zece Prăjini. The village is so small, if you Google it, the top result is for the eight-village collective, Dagâța, and the remainder are for the band. Small.

Unfamiliar with this band? I’m right there with you. According to their Wiki page, they have nine albums (8 studio & 1 live) that date back to 1998. Musically, they remind me of a more traditional Gogol Bordello – much less punk, dubstep, and America. With that comparison, I realize I may be offending any Romani Balkan Brass band purists who may have stumbled upon my site, but I can only go as far as my current musical horizons will take me. Te rog să mă ierţi.

I had so much fun listening to this band last Friday that I had to immediately share it with several friends. I fully acknowledge this may not be an instant hit with many, but if you give it a chance, it can really grow on you. Bucurați-vă!

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