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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Xiu Xiu

You know the day and you know why we’re here. This Music Mondays post features the San Jose band, Xiu Xiu, and their latest album, Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. In case you’re unfamiliar, back in 1990-1991, there was a television show called Twin Peaks. The show centered on the FBI’s murder investigation of local Twin Peaks, WA, high school student, Laura Palmer. The show was often quirky and almost equally surreal with its dream sequences. This was the first show I’d ever heard of people forming watch parties to experience and discuss each week’s episode – frequently with cherry pie or donuts and coffee, black, Diane.

The soundtrack for the show was appropriately ethereal and dreamy as the musical movements took flight and either soared about or simply lifted until they disappeared into the stratosphere. It also mixed in healthy doses of 60s-like beatnik styles. Xiu Xiu has taken all that and added a few more vocals (not in the vein of atmospheric Julee  Cruise), a little more ambient noise, and a lot more crunch and kerfuffle. The soundtrack in an entertaining update to the original and just in time for the upcoming Showtime series. Here’s the latest cast list in case you’re interested.

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