Lately I’ve been using Demotivational posters for my daily quotes. It’s not because I’m trying to be pessimistic, it’s because sometimes you have to point out the insanity/comedy of daily life. This one rings particularly true with me as I realized its truth back when I was still working in the family business. One day my grandpa got on me for doing a task a specific way. When I explained to him that my way was faster and more efficient, he said he didn’t care. “You’re going to do it this way because that’s they way we always do it.” Our argument got pretty heated as we both became entrenched in our belief that we were right. It also led to me walking out the door and never going back to work in the family business again. My grandpa and I were able to reconcile our differences, but it took some time.

In retrospect, even though I worried that I was letting my dad down by abandoning the family business, it was for the best. The world of wholesale sporting goods died and, had I stayed, I would likely still be stuck in my hometown or somewhere nearby chasing down some crappy sales job that just wouldn’t suit me.


Before I get too depressed at that thought, I’ll throw out something lighthearted that loyal reader K sent me earlier.


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