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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Sixx:A.M.

Welcome back to Music Mondays. This week we’re listening to the latest drop by Sixx:A.M., Prayers for the Damned. Not familiar with Sixx:A.M.? Neither was I until last Friday. I’ve known about Mötley Crüe’s bassist Nikki Sixx for years, but I’m just not familiar with the other two members of this side project – DJ Ashba (as guitarist for BulletBoys, Beautiful Creatures, and Neil Diamond) and James Michael (as record producer and song writer/engineer/mixer for Kelly Clarkson, Trapt, Hillary Duff, Papa Roach, and many more). So now that we know more about the members, what can be said about the album?

It’s a straight forward hard rock album. Nothing’s too fast, nothing’s too slow. Nothing’s too hard, nothing’s too soft. With a title like Prayers for the Damned, I was expecting something a little darker or more sinister. Turns out, not so much and that’s okay. Granted, you’re probably not going out for a Sunday picnic with your significant other and setting the mood with this album. Or maybe your picnic’s are radically different than most people’s and you are setting the mood with this album. In which case, more power to you. I would certainly play this at work if I was yawning or frustrated. That is, if I didn’t have cube neighbors and could turn it up. Anyone else have thoughts?

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