Last weekend I had some butterfly pork chops that needed to be grilled before they went to waste. With salad greens and a twice-baked potato to add to the meal, the only thing left was to find a tasty beer pairing. I have several knowledgeable craft beer friends on Twitter so I asked for recommendations. Silence. Hm, they must have been out enjoying their own grills. To the trusty internets!

porkpairing has a helpful guide that lays out the food component, beer flavors, interactions, and provides example dishes. In my case, since I made blackened pork chops, I opted for an Avery Maharaja (in a can) and was definitely pleased with the results. Neither food nor drink overwhelmed the other’s flavor.

Since then, I’ve checked out the Brewers Association’s Craft Beer and Food Pairing Chart. For someone like me who generally has a variety of styles on hand, I appreciate their alternate approach of laying out all the beer styles and then providing the food that pairs best with the style. It even provides an appropriate cheese and dessert in case you’re simply noshing on appetizers or are out for a sweet treat. The bonus is it also provides the appropriate glass and temperature at which to serve/drink your beer selection. For those wondering, yes, the glass and temperature can make a huge difference in the nose and flavor palate of a beer.

So, have any of you found a pairing you especially enjoy?

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