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Making the connections

The Doctor Told Me The Good News


Before anyone let’s out a Whaaaaaaaaaat?, allow me to clarify. I’m not having a disease named after me. As far as I know. I’m just enjoying a little more of that dark humor. From a health standpoint, I’ve been pretty fortunate throughout my life. Other than the usual childhood things like chicken pox or tonsillitis, I’ve made it into adulthood with no major medical issues. I don’t need glasses or have crippling allergies (other than cats, but I manage that allergy quite well thankyouverymuch) and am lucky enough to be pretty resilient when it comes to things like colds & flus. Last year when I actually had to visit the doctor because of a swelling issue in my knee that turned out to be a blood clot, the doctor ended the visit by saying, “You really should come in more often than every seven years.” My response was, “If I was sick or needed attention, I would.” He just shrugged and conceded my point. One point for me.

So how is it I’m now at a point in my life where I’m supposed to be seeing a doctor on a schedule? Yes, when I went to the doctor yesterday to confirm that the blood clots were completely gone, she informed me that, because of my age, I should be seeing a GI doctor (for examinations I’m betting few men enjoy) and will need to start going in on a schedule “just to be sure”. Now it’s my turn and feel free to join in if you desire. Whaaaaaaaaaat? One point for you “preventative health”.

Want to know a surefire way of never learning you’re having a disease named after you? Don’t go to the doctor.

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