The Transitioning

No, not that kind of transitioning.


This may be long overdue, but I’ve finally made the decision to create a public Twitter profile. I’ve heard the same opinion from a multitude of people, “If you’re still using private tweets, you just don’t get Twitter” or “If your account is private, you’re doing it wrong.” I can only assume they mean social media, but whatever, that’s their opinion. However, since this is a public site, it doesn’t make sense to tie it to a private Twitter account. So, allow me to introduce the @PeteInPublic account. If you’re currently following me on Twitter, great! Thanks for hanging in there. If you choose not to follow the public account, great! It was nice having you along for the ride while it lasted. Maybe we’ll meet up again down the road at some time.

I will still retain the @Notmexican account for those times when I really want to vent without present or future employers’ prying eyes. For a few months I will also be sharing posts to both accounts. So, if you decide you don’t want to see these posts twice, feel free to unfollow one of the accounts. Eventually, though, I will only have this site linked to the public account.

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