Waldo Hopfest 2016


waldohopfest2016I’ve been so busy with work lately that, until this week, I’d completely forgotten about Waldo Hopfest 2016. I’m glad I remembered, otherwise these VIP tickets would have gone to waste. Thanks to my friend, Josh, who alerted me to the two-for-one deal several months ago. What does being a VIP get me? VIP’s get into the festival an hour ahead of regular GA attendees. At check-in, VIP’s will also receive the special text line number that will alert us to the special pourings 15 minutes earlier than the GA rabble. I finally get to be one of those elitist jerks and not one of the rabble. I know!

There’s quite a terrific line-up of breweries in attendance today. Some of the ones I’m looking forward to experiencing the most include: Founders, Goose Island, and Steigl. I’m not saying there aren’t others on the list that I’m looking forward to, in fact there are several breweries listed that I’ve never experienced and I’m excited about checking them out. Also, not to slight any of the other STL breweries in attendance, but I wish that Perennial and Side Project could’ve been here. As some of you loyal readers may recall, Perennial was the one brewery on our most recent “Boys Lost Weekend” excursion that we missed and I’m sure that they and Side Project Brewing would’ve brought something spectacular to this festival.

Between the friends, the bright sunshine, and warmer temperature slated for today, this will be about as perfect an afternoon as I could hope to have. It’s a shame new craft beer enthusiast and Royals Superfan, Sipz couldn’t be here, but perhaps things in TO today will be equally fabulous. #HopfestKC

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