Comedians In Cars Getting Dinner

It’s been seven years in the making. I’m not talking about a ripoff of Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee; I’m simply referring to catching up with an old friend over dinner. I haven’t seen my friend, Randy, since 2009 and there was a lot of catching up to do. Of course, there was the usual reminiscing about past improv shows, past Monkeys With Hand Grenades shows, and a fun, albeit embarrassing, trip down memory lane regarding a certain musical where you’d think I’d never sung a note in my life. They say if you’re going to fail, fail BIG. What was really interesting was the work he’s been doing with the new Shanghai Disneyland. He showed me some very cool pics of a “ride” that’s basically just people connected to a slotted rail via a cable and harness and they get to walk over all manner of odd obstacles at some lofty heights.

Two of the other rides we discussed – The TRON bike roller coaster:

Pirates of the Caribbean ride:

I have to say, the 4k displays were pretty amazing. The Mandarin or Cantonese (sorry, I couldn’t tell which) made the whole thing a bit surreal as I heard one language and tried to imagine what the English equivalent would be. I hope these additions make it to the states soon.

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