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Making the connections
Making the connections

Getting The Band Back Together


Improv is a funny thing. It’s like a long-lost friend. You can be separated for an extended period of time and then one night you reunite and it’s like you were never apart. Tonight’s Gilda’s Club show was the perfect excuse to band together and it served as a reminder for all of us who have let career steal so much focus that we forgot how much fun we have together. Tonight was about chucking everything “real world” aside and just playing together to benefit those families affected by cancer. So. Much. Fun.

In the post-show gathering, we realized it has been too long since the seven of us (Trish, Nikki, Megan, Rob, Michael, Josh, and I in case you forgot who Tantrum is) have been together on stage. So, we’re planning to get the band back together. Obviously, we’re just in the initial planning stages, but we’re working on special guests, a date, and a venue. Truth be told, we’ve got a good idea on all three aspects, but I won’t elaborate until it’s all concrete. Oh, Improv! You wily siren!

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