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Music Mondays: Bob Mould

Here we are at another Music Monday offering and I feel like I’ve failed this week. My normal Friday listening routine was disrupted as I worked from my parents’ house and either had too many people around or was scheduled in meetings. So, here I sit on a Monday night watching the time tick down and trying to go through a list of recommendations and finding nothing that’s striking me. With the exception of a song or two, everything is this female-driven (or male falsetto), ultra-sqeaky-clean, folky/lighter-than-air rock/pop and it’s all sounding the same. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when that really can hit the spot. I’m just not in the mindset right now for carefully curated, introspective, thoughtful, edge-of-emotion, vegetarian/vegan musical works. I’m carnivorous and I need something with meat.

Thank you, Bob Mould, for your late-March release, Patch The Sky. Now I can have my carefully curated, introspective, thoughtful, edge-of-emotion, meat-on-the-bone musical works. If you haven’t given the former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman a listen in awhile, you’re missing out. I still dip back into Body of Song and Silver Age on a regular basis and need to fill in my collection with his other work. As I near the completion of my first listen, I’m finding there’s plenty of crunch on this album. So tell me, this week are you a musical vegetarian/vegan or a carnivore?

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