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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Susanne Sundfør

What a difficult week for selecting an artist for this week’s post. Don’t worry, loyal readers, I did all the hard work for you this week so you can relax and enjoy Ten Love Songs courtesy of Norwegian-born Susanne Sundfør. Okay, in all fairness, I didn’t happen across this 2015 release. My friend, Craig, sent it to me and it’s grown on me with repeated listenings. Her voice is reminiscent of another vocalist that I can’t quite place. I keep thinking I’m hearing a little Lykee Li or possibly a little Stevie Nicks (from her softer vocal days), but then something tells me that’s not quite right. This keyboard-driven album crosses from classically-influenced songs to 80s New Wave/Synth-pop ditties to house beat ravers. I found a hook in each song that brought me back inside the music with each listen.

I think just to give you a peek behind the musical curtain, as it were, I’ll give you the other contenders for this week’s post. First up is Let’s Eat Grandma‘s track Deep Six Textbook from their debut album, I, Gemini. This band is a duo of Norwich teenage girls who are creating what they call “psychedelic sludge-pop.” Not getting that vibe from the first song? Perhaps you give Eat Shiitake Mushrooms a listen.

The final contender for this week was The Glowing Man by Swans. This is a polar opposite from all the keyboards by the first two. It’s gritty guitars, bass, drums, and percussion. I’d swear at first glance I thought Tommy Chong was playing the xylophone which, honestly, was enough to pique my curiosity further. Fair warning: The Glowing Man track is 28 minutes long, so prepare yourself.

So, what are your thoughts (besides using Tommy Chong Plays the Xylophone, because I’m calling dibs on that song/band name)?

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