Omaha Beer Fest ’16


Hooray for Summer because that means another glorious weekend. This weekend I’m hitting up the Omaha Beer Fest with my brother and sister-in-law. This may be a tall order, but it will be measured up against #HopfestKC. Since I was fortunate enough to get VIP tickets to that festival, it’s a slightly unfair competition. Also, today it’s supposed to be around 100 (without the heat index), as opposed to the 80s during the Waldo Hopfest. Hydration will play a huge factor today. Regardless, there are brewers here that weren’t at the Waldo Hopfest, so that’s a positive.

Today’s goal will be to taste as many or more of the lighter styles like radlers, goses, or fruit beers as the higher ABV stouts and super-hoppy IPA’s. The second goal is to get into the shade at the Beer Academy’s beer & cupcake pairing class. Loyal readers may recall last year’s Beer Academy class featured a beer & cookies pairing that was unbelievably tasty. More updates later today.

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