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Making the connections
Making the connections

Four Favorite Words: The Fifth Symphony Not Harmony


One of my coworkers reminded me that it’s been awhile since we’ve revisited the #FourFavoriteWords thread. While we’re not quite to my once-a-quarter post timing, it’s close enough. I fear if I don’t post something now, it will likely be three more months before things calm down and I remember to post on this topic. Who else is ready to get their linguistics on?

  • Cicerone
  • Itinerant
  • Slump-buster
  • Insipid

In past posts, I have just let the words stand “as-is” and some people ask why I chose the words I did. From now on, I’ll draw back the curtain to reveal the why.

Cicerone: With all the beer festivals that have occurred and are still to come, I’ve wondered if this is a career path I should investigate. From a phonetic standpoint, it reminds me of Sicily, the motherland. I still have that as my number one destination to visit. This leads me to…

Itinerant: I’ve been suffering from wanderlust for quite awhile now. Once I get more things situated with the house, I will be knocking destinations off my list.

Slump-buster: Okay, okay, some may argue it’s two words, but I would contend that in the case of the Royals, it’s a compound word. With their current seven game skid, someone needs to bite the bullet and hit a slump-buster.

Insipid: This just reminds me of the current political landscape. In this context, it’s all been the same over-the-top negative attack ads. It’s all about bludgeoning the public with everything bad about the opponent rather than the solutions the candidates have to rid America of its current ills.

If you want to follow down the rabbit hole…

As always, I ask: What are your four favorite words at this moment in time?

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