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Making the connections
Making the connections


I just want to start this off with my belief that #AllLivesMatter. As I write this, I’m listening to media coverage of the Dallas shootings in the wake of tonight’s peaceful rally. Details are still sketchy and changing as each minute passes. This is my first time trying to follow along with the news and with social media and it’s heartbreaking. The loss of life locally in Dallas is tragic just as is the loss of life of any similar event. Of course, tempers are flaring and people are raw with their emotions and reactions. What I find mind-boggling, though, is the rally around and in contrast to the phrase #BlackLivesMatter. Opinions range from people upset over the loss of life due to black on black violence (among other forms) to those claiming that these supporters are a militant hate group. Can we please just take a moment to think? Please?

Of course, #BlackLivesMatter. Similarly, #HispanicLivesMatter. Wait, wait, #AsianLivesMatter, #InuitLivesMatter, #PoliceLivesMatter, #CivilianLivesMatter, and yes, #WhiteLivesMatter. Don’t #AllLivesMatter? I don’t want to get into an abortion argument in this context as these arguments can go around and around. My point is simply that every individual involved in this event, whether they were injured, near the situation, know someone involved, or are tired of the violence (gun-related or otherwise), their lives matter. Aren’t we all impacted by this event or other similar ones? Why is it so difficult to realize that the sudden loss of any life, regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation, religion, whatever, is tragic?

Granted, the scope of this is not nearly as large as other events around the globe or in recent history. Consider Istanbul, Paris, London, 9/11, and the list goes on. Other than scope, how is this loss different? Does it matter whether it’s a hate crime? Does it matter if it’s a religious crime? Does it matter what the source of the violence is? #AllLivesMatter


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