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Making the connections
Making the connections

Be The Change

Andy Warhol Change Quote
Courtesy of http://www.sjanemills.com/tag/painting/

My recent work quote courtesy of Andy Warhol comes on the heels of witnessing some stunning hypocrisy. I’m not going to call out the involved parties here because I don’t want to embarrass anyone. Suffice it to say… If you want change, be the change.

Understand that changing your avatar is not enough. Understand that updating your status on whatever social media outlet is not enough. Joining an online group is not enough. Get out and let your voice be heard. Donating your money is nice, but not everyone has the same financial freedom. Donating your time, knowledge, or talents is better. Petition, Protest. Gather others to your cause.

If you want change, start with yourself. Be the change.

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