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Feedback Loop


The section of a control system that allows for feedback and self-correction and that adjusts its operation according to differences between the actual and the desired or optimal output.

A representation found on Twitter this evening looks like this:

Twitter Feedback Loop


That’s fine, but in light of Be The Change, the feedback loop could be more simply represented like this:

The Real Feedback Loop

One week after the shootings in Dallas, we witness the tragedy in Nice. By no means am I trying to make light of this event with the newer feedback loop. I’m using it to illustrate a point that we talk a good game, but most people do just that, talk. You could argue that, by posting this, I’m doing the exact same thing. Here’s the difference, I want to open a dialogue about fixing the problem of terrorism. This is difficult because the issue is complicated. It’s nuanced. Opinions are going to vary. I don’t expect to solve the problem here, but I’d like to brainstorm ideas. Do we “nuke them all to hell” (whoever “they” are)? Do we send sleeper cells to infiltrate terrorist organizations and eliminate the threat from within? Do we stage the world’s biggest Love-in? Yes? No? Maybe?

Perhaps we could all agree on the what, where, and when of addressing terrorist attacks, but the question of who and how remain. It should go without saying that one country cannot eradicate terrorism, this will require a global effort. The larger question, naturally, is how. I don’t believe that you can quell violence with more violence. We must change ideologies. Ideas, not beliefs. It may seem cornball, but there is wisdom in what Rufus the 13th apostle said:

I think it’s better to have ideas. You can change an idea.  Changing a belief is trickier.  Life should be malleable and progressive, working from idea to idea permits that.  Beliefs anchor you to certain points and limit growth.  New ideas can’t generate. Life becomes stagnant.

I digress… how do you change ideologies? You do it with education, patience, tolerance, and love. You spread that to all people of all ages, but primarily you do it through the youth. Show them a world that revolves around common ground. Each person may be as unique as any snowflake, but we are all still connected by birth and death and the myriad life experiences in between.

Agree? Disagree? Have better ideas? I’m all eyes and ears.

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  • Randman

    The problem is that we’ve gone after the tool, rather than the cause. Banning guns doesn’t solve the problem, as France shows. It’s not anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Christian. It’s not anti-rich, anti-poor, or anti-Trump or anti-Hillary . . . it’s anti-anything that does not conform to a specific belief structure.

    We have to be willing to say, right up front, that there are people out there who want to kill us, through no fault of ours other than where we live, and no amount of love or understanding we show to them will change that. And, then, we have to get rid of those people. We have to get rid of the people who seek to harm us, and our way of life. But, do it in a way that does not recruit new followers.

    How do we do that? I don’t know. But, I know it’s going to take more than love. We can’t love the gun out of a deranged person’s hand. We can’t love the bomb vest off of someone intent on killing people. We have to stop them, and work with the youth to stop them from following.

    We have a long road ahead of us, with many more tragedies, I fear.

    • pcalderone

      Thanks, Randman, for stepping up to the plate. While I still believe that this country has an infatuation with guns, that isn’t the point of this post. You’re right, though, the Nice attack shows you don’t have to have a gun (although he did) to mow people down. I will also agree with you that you can’t love a gun out of a deranged person’s hand or a bomb vest off a maniac. By that point, love is too late. Unless our government or a world-policing body is willing to form a unique, specially-trained task force (The Love Squad?) to combat these fanatics, these mass attacks will continue.

      It appears we agree the issue stems from a belief system. The only way I can think of to combat that is to get to the youth before the seeds of indoctrination can take root. Where we disagree is the slaughter of human life because I don’t think you can get rid of those people without creating new followers to the cause. I can’t claim to know the mind of these zealots, but I’m guessing the main reason they joined is due to the eradication of their families and friends. Perhaps another reason is our presence in their lands. What would happen if one day America brought everyone back home and told the world, “You wanted us gone, wish granted” and let the pieces fall where they may?