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Google Feud

Google Feud

It’s time to play the feud, the Google Feud. Once again I’m late to the game as Google Feud has been around since early 2015. Just like the Family Feud (just add your own Steve Harvey, Richard Dawson, or any other host), you have to guess the top answers (always 10) in the following categories: Culture, People, Names, or Questions. There’s a higher level of difficulty in this game as you’re no longer trying to guess the answers of 100 people. Instead, you must predict how internet users are completing their Google searches. As you can see above, I had no idea what the other seven answers were and yet had my best round. For the record, I did guess “and the crystal skull”, but that wasn’t close enough. For a family that enjoys playing games around the holidays, this might be an interesting addition to our rotation of board games.

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