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Making the connections

Music Mondays: Blood Orange

Happy Independence Day! Before you head out to your backyard barbecues or picnics or hunker down in some dark, quiet corner while the world around you erupts in a cacophony of multicolored lights and explosions, give your ear holes a treat with Freetown Sound , the latest offering from Blood Orange. This album was the very first new album I checked out last Friday and it hasn’t left my rotation all weekend. Offering up spoken word, jazz, funk, hip-hop, and smooooove groooooves, Devonte “Dev” Hynes (AKA Blood Orange) has released an outstanding soundtrack to summer, perfect for listening while you chill poolside or on the deck. In short, “That’s my JAMS!” The science nerd in me loves that they wrote a song entitled Hadron Collider.

Enjoy the holiday and stay safe!



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