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Sound Decisions


A few years back, at my brother’s recommendation, I picked up the Bose Soundlink Mini and it has been my musical savior. Whether slogging through cardio sessions on the treadmill after work, hanging out with friends listening to music or Royals games, or just sitting in my cube at work, this little baby has been with me most days or nights during each week. If you’ve never experienced this speaker before, it’s roughly the size you see in the picture and weighs 1.5 lbs. It pairs with any Bluetooth compatible device and the sound is fantastic. For those who complain that the low end is weak, place it near a wall (or any reflective surface) and rethink that thought. When I have this at work, even at the lowest volume, the person on the other side of my cube wall says all she can ever hear is the bass coming through (more on that thought shortly). The volume coming out of this little speaker is impressive. I can place it at the back of my buddy, Joel’s garage and it fills the garage and can be heard across or down the street (if I wanted to be that guy). Before you rush out to pick one up for your next gathering, be aware the sticker price is around $199 for a new one ($120 and up for a used one). If you’re a music fan and don’t want to be without your tunes wherever you go, this speaker is well worth the cost. Back to my cube neighbors…


Since I want to be a considerate cube neighbor (that or someone nearby is an incredibly loud phone talker, you decide), I picked up these HIFI Elite 66 headphones from Modern Portable. For those long time readers who may wonder why I picked these up when I still have the Flexion Kinetic Earbuds, rest assured there’s a reason. When I still had the long hair, I couldn’t wear the Flexion earbuds because people would walk into my cube and didn’t realize I had headphones on. Consequently, they would either have to say everything again or they would walk away thinking that I’d heard whatever they said. Even now that my hair is short, they still don’t see the bright green cord that connects the buds. Enter these over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones. Let’s address that aspect right now. The noise-cancelling is okay. I tried the headphones while at home and turned my computer speakers up and could hear the music without the speakers being too loud. I’m hoping regular office chatter will be a different matter as I’ll be able to have the music up louder than I typically do when using the Soundlink Mini.

These headphones have good sound, but a bit more bass response would make them truly great. Even after wearing these headphones all afternoon yesterday and most of the day today, they are very comfortable. As one might expect with prolonged wear, my ears eventually got warm. However, the warmth never made me feel uncomfortable. What I really find amazing about these headphones is the battery life. I charged them to full and began testing them. The website and some consumer reviews note that you may hear an in-ear announcement that the battery is at medium shortly after charging them fully. This is a known glitch and you’re supposed to let the battery drain fully before recharging them. That’s supposed to correct the issue. My headphones’ batteries have yet to drain after being powered on more than 24 hours and at least 12 hours of use between yesterday and today. According to the site the battery is only supposed to last between six and eight hours. If they run out of juice and you don’t have the USB charging cable handy, you can use the 1/8″ jack to go wired. The headphones also come with a built-in microphone for hands free calls, but in my calls with coworkers this afternoon, they said it sounded like I was in a tunnel. Since I’m not planning on using these headphones for calls, I’m not too concerned. Thus far, they are well worth the $59 spent.

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